Pick a Card: What is hidden from you?

Pick a Card: What is hidden from you?

Pick a card readings are great ways to both get confirmation and guidance in situations in your life, and also strengthen and utilize your own intuitive gifts and abilities.

In this reading we will take a look at what is currently hidden from you and happening behind the scenes. Use your intuition to select the card or cards you're drawn to. If you're aware of the traditional Tarot meanings behind the cards, please do not let that influence your decision. They are merely placeholders for energy. 

Let's begin...

The Fool

If you were drawn to the Fool card what is hidden from you is the burden's that you've been carrying by yourself are going to be overcome, but probably not the way you think.

See there's part of you that still waiting to be saved. Don't get me wrong, you're incredibly independent, but you still have this hope that one day you will be seen as the star you are and taken away from the hardships of life. You may be seeking this in your love life or professional one, but here's the thing. That hero you're waiting for, is you.

You're going to give you all the things you're waiting for someone else to. You're stepping into a place of true emotional balance. Not letting your emotions cloud your judgement or dictate your actions which has gotten you in trouble in the past.  This is a major step in being your own hero, when you're emotionally overwhelmed even simple tasks are too much. You don't see how you're stepping into a whole new way of being, thinking, and communicating which opens up the doors to a completely new life and experience.

Oh yeah, one more thing just in case your brain is lying to you today: you are loved. 

Affirmation: I am endless potential, open to new possibilities at all times. 


If you were drawn to the Strength card what is hidden from you is this cycle of having to show an incredible amount of strength is coming to an end. It doesn't seem like that right now, it feels more like you're just in the thick of the chaos, but you aren't. You're building something here.

What you're building takes time and dedication. It takes overcoming moments of doubts, and sometimes being the only one that supports you and your vision. However it's important to know this is all apart of the process, you cannot rush or force a crop into producing faster. You can't bully a flower to bloom, so why are you being so mean to yourself when things are progressing slower than you'd like? Things to reflect on.

It's okay to take some time to yourself, you don't always have to be that person other lean on. The need to be constantly available is a trauma response. If you aren't doing something for someone else it makes you question your worth. This is another topic to reflect on if it resonates. 

Affirmation: I accept my desires, my fears, every part of me with loving grace.

The Tower


If you were drawn to the Tower card what is hidden from you is an incoming offer that you have manifested! This is a complete surprise and boosts your self esteem immensely particularly when it comes to trusting your intuition. For some this will be confirmation that their spell work is working.

This offer may be in the form of a romantic or platonic relationship. For those that are in committed relationships this could be a decision that you and your partner are finally able to make about a dream of yours. There is also suggestions of increased fertility and successful conception/pregnancy for those that are desiring that. 

One warning is to be mindful of the more negative emotions that come up as this really exciting time unfolds. It's okay to have conflicting emotions about good things, but sometimes those emotions can teach us more about the parts of ourselves we're still discovering. 

Affirmation: When I let go of my ego, I can rise above it with new knowledge and a new perspective. 

 This is a general energy reading, only take what resonates. If you resonate with this reading, let me know below in the comments.

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